The Parts of a Wing Foil

A wing foil typically consists of several components:

Wing: The main component of the wing foil, which generates lift and allows the rider to glide above the water. It is usually made of lightweight materials like carbon fiber or fiberglass.

Wing foil wing

Mast: A long, vertical component that connects the wing to the board. It helps to stabilize the wing and provides support to the rider.

Labeled parts of a wing foil

Fuselage: A short, horizontal component that connects the mast to the wing. It helps to distribute the load evenly and provides stability.

Board: The platform on which the rider stands while using the wing foil. It is usually made of lightweight materials like foam or wood, and is designed to be buoyant and stable in the water.

Wing foil board

Struts: Thin, tapered components that connect the wing to the fuselage. They help to provide support and stability to the wing.

Control system: A set of lines and handles that the rider uses to control the wing. It allows the rider to adjust the angle and direction of the wing to control their speed and direction.