What Are The Parts of a Windsurf? – A quick guide to

Parts of a windsurf

A windsurfing board typically consists of the following parts:

Board: This is the main component of the windsurfing setup. It provides buoyancy and stability in the water.

Mast: This is the vertical pole that supports the sail. It is usually made of lightweight materials like carbon fiber, and it can be adjusted to different heights depending on the wind conditions.

Sail: This is the large fabric that catches the wind and propels the board forward. The sail is attached to the mast with a mast base and a universal joint.

Boom: This is the horizontal pole that connects the mast to the sail. It provides the sailor with leverage and control over the sail.

Fin: This is a small blade that attaches to the bottom of the board. It provides stability and directionality to the board.

Footstraps: These are adjustable straps that attach to the board and allow the sailor to secure their feet in place while riding.

Mast base and universal joint: These are the components that connect the mast to the board. The mast base is attached to the board, and the universal joint connects the mast to the mast base.